Beat The Hell Outta Bama

19 points. 19! You would think that the Aggies are unranked with 2-3 losses at this point. Nope. A&M boasts a 6-0 record, the second best in the SEC, and a #6 national ranking. They face #1 Alabama on Saturday and Vegas dropped a 17 point line, which has since then been pushed up to 19 by bettors. No one is giving this team a chance.

Not Vegas. Not the media. Not any college football outside of College Station. Nobody.

“Someone said to me [Sumlin], ‘Well, nobody’s giving you a chance.’ I said, ‘Well, I guess it’s a good thing nobody’s playing.”

This team has heard all week just how good Bama is. They were drilled with questions on Tuesday about how this team can possibly try to run against Bama’s front seven. They hear the disrespect in those questions, they hear the blowhard media pointing to 2-loss LSU as Bama’s toughest opponent this season, and they see a Vegas line that started at 17 points get pushed up to 19.

The disrespect is real and it only adds fuel to the fire. It hasn’t been just this week either. It’s been going on all season.

After beating UCLA. “So? Beat an SEC team?”
After beating Auburn. “So? Beat a good SEC team?”
After beating Arkansas. “So? Beat a great SEC team?”
After beating Tennessee. “So? Beat Bama?”

It never ends. The Aggies already have a 6 wins, 5 of which are against Power-5 opponents, 4 of which were ranked at the time, and 3 of which are currently ranked. This is a good football team. On Saturday they have a chance to knock off the best.

And for those who think that the odds are too great or that Sumlin can’t pull off such an upset, there’s a bit of history on our side.

  • Alabama has won 10 straight home games as the nation’s #1 team. Their last loss? Texas A&M in 2012.
  • Coach Sumlin has been double digit underdogs 7 times in his A&M career. He’s won 5 of those times.
  • Both times that A&M has had the 2:30pm CBS game of the week this year, they’ve won thrillers in OT. We play Bama at 2:30pm on CBS. If it happens twice…


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