Remember When Texas Media said Sumlin Was Dead?

It has been 53 days since Texas media announced that Sumlin was dead; dead in recruiting that is. “All that is left is to officially hold the funeral,” they crowed.


Since that day, Sumlin and staff have landed commits from QB Kellen Mond, S Derrick Tucker, LB Santino Marchiol, ATH Keldrick Carper, RB Travis Etienne, OT Adrian Wolford, QB Connor Blumrick, TE Keynel McZeal, and ATH Camron Horry. For those counting, that is four 4-stars and five 3-stars with head to head victories over Auburn, Alabama, Arkansas, LSU, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and even Texas.

Yes, the very same Texas that announced Sumlin dead to rights in recruiting is currently sitting with seven recruits and a team ranking of 41 for the 2017 recruiting class. The Ags on the other hand have 15 recruits and the 8th best recruiting class in the nation.

All that perceived momentum in Austin is just that; perceived. Nevermind the fact that Strong is on his 4th offensive coordinator and has yet to start his 3rd season. Or how about after promising media that he would never lose 5 games again after the 2014 season, he proceeded to lose 7 games the following year.

Texas media needs to be a lot more concerned about the state of their program than A&M’s. Maybe this will be the year they finally win a bowl game.

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