Sumlin Suffers Worst Loss in A&M Tenure

A team that was 1-4 in SEC play came to our house and beat us by 16 points. A team that needed late game heroics to escape the mighty Jacksonville State completely imposed their will on us. A team that was averaging 174 rushing yards/game torched our defense for 311.

Yes, this was Sumlin’s worst loss yet.

In the last 2 seasons, A&M has lost 6 games by 16 points or more. And in those 6 games, the average margin of defeat is 24 points. The Aggies are not just losing these games, they are not even being competitive.

There are problems across the board. This team has zero identity on offense; none whatsoever. And that issue only amplifies with the constant shuffling at quarterback. The defense can’t stop the run. Sure the pass rush is solid. But that doesn’t do you any good when teams can cram it down your throat and the inept offense can’t score.

For a long time Aggies have been saying ‘Trust in Sumlin’, and he certainly earned that much after the 2012 season. But that trust is wearing increasingly thin with each embarrassing home loss. Staff changes on offense must take place. Improved linebacker play is sorely needed. And at the end of the day, it’s Sumlin’s job to get it done.

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