A Program Defining Loss to Bama

Going into this game, the measuring stick was set. A&M had lost 59-0 in Tuscaloosa in such embarrassing fashion that changes had to be made. Enter Kyle Allen, fresh faces on defense, and 3 new position coaches this offseason.

On Saturday the Aggies spotted Alabama 21 points and only lost by 18.

Think about that for a second. Kyle Allen had easily his worst game, the offensive line and offensive coordinator didn’t provide much help, and A&M was still in it at the 6 minute mark in the 4th quarter.

The team we watched on Saturday got hit square in the mouth in the first quarter. But rather than fold like they did last year, they responded. The defense tightened up, special teams provided a spark, and the offense started to move the ball (but only slightly better).

Yes, it’s frustrating to lose a top 10 matchup at home. But this Aggie team is light years ahead of where it was last year, even with all of the turnovers. They have yet to play their best game and are sitting 5-1 halfway through the regular season. And going forward, there’s no reason to believe that they can’t be 10-1 entering the LSU game. If LSU takes care of business as well, that game will decide the SEC West division champion.

Just look at Alabama in 2012. A&M went into Tuscaloosa and pulled off the upset. But with Alabama’s better record, they advanced to the SEC Championship, then the National Championship, and returned with the trophy. There’s no reason that the same can’t happen to this A&M team; especially since Alabama already has a loss.

This Aggie team is good, really good. And there’s still plenty to play for. Need to shake off the bad game on Saturday and not let it beat them twice this weekend.

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