Sloppy Play Overshadows Nevada Win

Not much good can be said about the Aggies play on Saturday. There was never any clear separation and there was even a point in the 4th quarter where the Wolfpack pulled within two scores.

Sloppy all around.

Two turnovers on offense by our first team; an interception by Kyle Allen and a fumble by Tra Carson. We must take care of the football as we move into conference play.

The defense was stout in most short yardage situations and especially on third down. However, they inexplicably and sporadically gave up long plays.

And the offensive line, my goodness. If Nevada can get that type of pressure and penetration, what will Ole Miss and Bama do? The Aggies MUST find an answer at right guard and they need to find it fast.

That being said, it wasn’t all doom and gloom for Sumlin’s squad.

Kyle Allen, minus his interception, was locked in and playing as well as he has this season. He tallied 4 passing touchdowns and added another on the ground.

Myles Garrett was his usual superhuman self. And this was after he had his wisdom teeth removed last Sunday. That didn’t stop him from notching 3.5 sacks and claiming the top spot for most sacks in the nation.

And Daylon Mack! Wow!!!! Welcome to big time college football. If anyone didn’t know about you before, they do now.

In all, not a great day by the Ags, but not a horrible one either. They have plenty of work to do as they enter SEC play. Clean it up and let’s beat up on Arkansas next week!

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