Defense Shines in Win Over ASU

We had heard that Chavis was having an impact on the scheme and overall mentality of this defense. He was going to put his stamp on them and they would be improved over last years unit.

We heard him talk about having the two best defensive ends in college football, and how the cornerbacks were having one hell of a fall camp.

We had heard these things. But as Aggie football has taught us, we remained cautious.

And wow, just wow. Deashon Hall with 4 sacks?! He joins Aggie legends  Jacob Green, John Roper, Ray Childress, and Alex Morris as the only other Aggies to ever have 4+ sacks in a single game.

Meanwhile, Myles Garrett was his usual unhuman self earning a spot on someone’s Heisman list after creating absolute havoc on every single play. He finished the game with 6 tackles, 2 sacks, and a forced fumble.

Throw in Donavon Wilson who was all over the field, Justin Evans who had some bone-crushing hits, and Daylon Mack who was a force up the middle, and this defense has more than just a pulse. This defense is the closest “Wrecking Crew” product Aggie fans have seen since the ’90s.

In fact, at least one former Wrecking Crew player agrees.

But as exciting as the game was, there is still lots of football to be played. As Sumlin said before the game, “Whatever happens will not define us, if you didn’t learn that last year then you didn’t learn anything.”

Sumlin, of course, is referring to last years season opener when Kenny Hill routed a “Top 10” South Carolina team by over 3 touchdowns. The Aggies were thrust into National Title conversations and dealt with a harsh dose of reality during the meat of their SEC schedule.

If this team can learn from last year’s mistakes, the sky is the limit. There is plenty of work to be done on the offensive line and the quarterbacks must have better ball security. Also, some depth is desperately needed at linebacker with the Aggies turning to a walk on linebacker, Jake Blount, after Josh Walker was injured.

However, the team as a whole played outstanding. They came together and beat the snot out of a legitimate top 25 team.

Many people assumed the Aggies are a year away from competing for championships. But why not this season? Why not this team?

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