SEC West Rankings: The Logical Fallacies of Auburn

If you read media reports A&M is slotted to finish anywhere from first (thanks Mandel) to last (ESPN hates us) in the SEC West. Never has there been a division with so much parity, and never has the media and general public been so clueless on its relative pecking order.

For the most part, the Aggies enter the 2015 season as only an afterthought to most national media. Instead, the hype this year surrounds Auburn, perennial powerhouse Alabama, and dark horse candidate Arkansas. Alabama should remain consistent as they shoot for their 8th straight 10-win season. Meanwhile, Arkansas brings some impressive momentum into 2015, both literally and figuratively. But Auburn is way overhyped.

In fact, it’s rather fun to compare the SEC West’s preseason favorite (Auburn) to the projected last place finisher (A&M). Like A&M, Auburn went 8-5 last season. Also like A&M, Auburn went out and hired a premier defensive coordinator in the offseason. And once again like A&M, Auburn is expected to have a high octane offense this upcoming season.

The biggest differences between these two teams? A&M beat Auburn at Jordan-Hare Stadium this past season. Oh, and if returning starters are important, the Aggies return 16 to Auburn’s 11. Side by side, there is no reason to have Auburn ahead of A&M, let alone have that big of a gap between the two teams. Yet for some reason, they are this year’s media darling. Well not here. The Ags will take care of business at home and Auburn will struggle to get 10 wins.

SEC West Rankings – Preseason

  1. Alabama
  2. A&M
  3. Arkansas
  4. Auburn
  5. Ole Miss
  6. LSU
  7. Mississippi St.

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