Texas Coach Strong Interested but Scared to Play Aggies

Earlier this morning ESPN released an article titled “Charlie Strong, Kevin Sumlin both want Texas-Texas A&M rivalry back”. Just another attention grabbing headline to lure readers such as myself during this dreadful college football offseason. Only later did they quote Charlie Strong in saying,

“Let me win some games first. Then I can push it. I don’t know if I want to go walking into College Station right now.”

Charles, you might not be able to remember your starting quarterback’s name, but this might be the most intelligent thing you’ve ever said.

The back and forth pettiness between Texas and Texas A&M on who does or doesn’t want to play who is just exhausting to keep up with.

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A&M was the first to strike in September 2011 when Bowen said “Any place, any time” for the Lone Star Showdown. But with A&M leaving for the SEC and having no knowledge of their future schedule, it was unlikely a game could be worked out in the following years. The Longhorns moved forward with rotating TCU and Texas Tech on Thanksgiving Day. Meanwhile, A&M announced their new rivalry with LSU that would also appear on Thanksgiving Day.

Fast forward to March 2013, former Texas athletic director Deloss Dodds announced “They left. They’re the ones that decided not to play us. We get to decide when we play again.”

Not to be outdone, former A&M President Bowen responded a couple months later with “It’s not relevant to us anymore, that’s the whole point. It’s not an important issue.” Of course, this was after A&M took the SEC by storm with an 11 win season, a dominating Cotton Bowl win over Big 12 champ Oklahoma, and Johnny Manziel’s Heisman Trophy.

Since then, we have had A&M’s Jason Cook say “We hope to play them again in a BCS bowl or Playoff game at some point”, Bowen change his stance with “There’s no reason why we shouldn’t play each other”, Mack Brown say “I’d love to play it”, and current Texas AD Steve Patterson say “scheduling an out of conference matchup with A&M is not a priority.”

Things heated up again this past post-season when Texas beat writer Chip Brown claimed that the Aggies and SEC were actively dodging Texas in a possible bowl matchup.

“Now, it’s apparently the Aggies – or perhaps the SEC on the Aggies’ behalf – making sure there will be no postseason matchup of two of college football’s most bitter divorcees. Two sources close to the situation told HornsDigest.com SEC officials have indicated to bowls with SEC and Big 12 tie-ins that the SEC won’t support a Texas vs Texas A&M postseason matchup. In short, A&M has too much to lose from a potential loss.”

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A&M ended up playing West Virginia in the Liberty Bowl while Texas got Arkansas in the Texas Bowl. Texas went on to lose that game 31-7 posting just 2 rushing yards on 18 carries. Earlier that year, A&M escaped Jerry World with a 35-28 overtime win over the Razorbacks. It’s safe to say that Texas team wanted nothing of the Aggies then, and according to their coach, they want nothing of them now. At least not until good ‘ol Charlie gets a few more wins under his belt.

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