Inside Look: Offensive Line

As A&M enters the offseason, there are several factors that will shape how this team will look next year; departing juniors and seniors, incoming recruits, and returning starters. Prior to signing day, we previewed the defensive position groups. (Check them out here if you haven’t already: Defensive Line, Linebackers, and Secondary). Today we look at our first offensive group; the offensive line.

The cupboard is fully stocked and ready to plug and play on the offensive line. Texas A&M does lose 4 seniors to graduation. However, they return 3 starters, several JUCO standouts, and a group of redshirt freshman and sophomores that are ready to contribute. Furthermore, the hiring of new offensive line coach and run game coordinator, Dave Christensen, should play an important role in the Aggies adopting a more physical, run-oriented style next season.

OL - Recruiting
OL - Scholarships

Departing Starters/Major Contributors
OT Cedric Ogbuehi  (Graduated)
OG Jarvis Harrison (Graduated)
OG Garrett Gramling (Graduated)
OC Ben Compton (Graduated)

Returning Starters/Major Contributors
OC Mike Matthews (Senior)
OG Joseph Cheek (Senior)
OT Germain Ifedi (Junior)
OT Jeremy Stuckey (Junior)

Redshirted Players
OG Jermaine Eluemunor (Junior)
OT Avery Gennesy (Junior)
OT Kealvin Davis (Freshman)
OT Koda Martin (Freshman)
OC Zach Ledwick (Freshman)

2015 Recruits
OG Trevor Elbert (4-star recruit)
OT Connor Lanfear (4-star recruit)
OT Keaton Sutherland (4-star recruit)
OC Eric McCoy (3-star recruit)

Way too early projected starters
OT Germain Ifedi (Junior)
OG Jermaine Eluemunor (Junior)
OC Mike Matthews (Senior)
OG Joseph Cheek (Senior)
OT Avery Gennesy (Junior)

Another year, another first round talent gone to the NFL. Cedric Ogbuehi may slip past the first round due to his ACL injury, but make no mistake he is definitely first round talent. For the third consecutive year, the coaching staff will be tasked in replacing a first round offensive tackle. The battle for that left tackle spot will be fierce, but Germain Ifedi or Avery Gennesy should give the coaching staff yet another smooth transition.

Besides Ced, the coaches will be looking to replace starter Jarvis Harrison and 2nd teamers Garrett Gramling and Ben Compton. New offensive line coach Dave Christensen will be tasked with filling in the gaps as well as instilling a more physical mentality and style throughout the offensive line ranks. He was brought in as a Co-Offensive Coordinator and Run-Game Coordinator. So based off early assumptions, it’s safe to say that the Aggies will be moving towards a more equal distribution of running and passing plays.

Besides the returning starters and major contributors, Aggie fans should look out for Koda Martin. The redshirt freshman drew raves from the coaching staff and is expected to push Ifedi and Gennesy for one of the tackle spots.

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