Making the Case for Roquan Smith

It’s just over a week after signing day and the Aggies are in play for a late addition. 4-star linebacker Roquan Smith announced his commitment to UCLA, but then discovered that his linebacker coach had plans to leave for another job right after the Letter of Intents were signed and faxed in. Shady business.

By not signing his Letter of Intent, Roquan Smith is still able to attend whichever school he wants without losing a year of eligibility. After the advice of his coach and family, he chose to reopen his recruitment with all of his finalists still in play; Georgia, Michigan, UCLA, and A&M. And although he plans to choose a new school today, he has made it clear that he will not be signing a letter of intent.

This whole situation bodes well for A&M. After all, they arrived late to the game with Roquan’s recruitment and were playing catchup to Georgia, UCLA, and even Michigan. However, the coaches did everything they could in their short amount of time to impress him and reportedly hosted his favorite official visit. This extra time Smith is taking can only help A&M’s chances of landing the coveted recruit.

Roquan Smith lives in Montezuma, Georgia and initially chose to go across the country for school. Distance is not a factor in his final decision and his announcement on signing day only solidified speculation that he was not interested in attending his state’s flagship institution in Georgia.

Furthermore, with UCLA lying to him, one would assume that the lack of trust was enough to burn that bridge. So as Michael Gray reported above, Smith is likely taking a good long look at both Michigan and Texas A&M.

For Michigan, Smith can come in as part of Jim Harbaugh’s inaugural class. He might not get much playing time in 2015 as four seniors, one junior, and one sophomore fill out Michigan’s linebacker depth chart. However, he could become an integral part of the linebacker corps in 2016 and beyond.

As for A&M, there is a chance to come in and play immediately as the linebacker depth chart is far from being solidified. New defensive coordinator, John Chavis, is sure to shake things up after back to back seasons of dismal play on defense. He will be looking for players that fit his system and can pitch Roquan on a chance to be that guy.

Should he choose A&M, Roquan Smith gets to stay in the SEC, play in a warm climate like he’s accustomed, and be a crucial piece in the return of the Wrecking Crew.


***UPDATE: Roquan Smith has chosen to sign a financial aid agreement with Georgia.

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