Johnny Manziel to Start First NFL Game

The Cleveland Browns have finally made a switch at the quarterback position. Johnny Manziel will relieve Bryan Hoyer and get his first NFL start next Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals.

This shift all began two weeks ago when the Browns were down 20-3 to Buffalo. Despite the Browns defense forcing two interceptions, Hoyer was unable to capitalize and lead a single touchdown drive. Instead he threw two interceptions of his own and completed only 18 of 30 attempts for 192 yards. In the 4th quarter, the Browns finally inserted Johnny Manziel. The rookie orchestrated an 8 play, 80 yard touchdown drive capped off by this run.


It seemed all but certain that Manziel would start this past weekend against the Indianapolis Colts. Instead, Mike Pettine stubbornly stuck with Hoyer for another week who in turn made the coach look foolish yet again. Hoyer threw another 2 interceptions and was 14 of 31 for 140 yards (an abysmal 4.5 yard-per-attempt). It was a historic day for all the wrong reasons. The Browns defense forced 4 turnovers, including an interception returned for a touchdown along with a fumble recovery in the endzone. No NFL team has ever lost when the defense has scored 2 touchdowns and forced 4 turnovers.

Sadly, the switch is all but too late as the Browns effectively lost all playoff hope on Sunday. Nevertheless, the most boring franchise in the league just got a whole lot more exciting.


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