Recruits Speak Up following Ole Miss

The Aggies hosted their biggest recruiting weekend of the year on Saturday. Both current commits and prospective recruits gathered in Aggieland to take in the sights and watch the #14 Aggies host #3 Ole Miss. The game itself turned out to be a dud as the Aggies got steamrolled by the Rebels. While this is certainly less than ideal with the nation as well as several impressionable recruits watching, Coach Sumlin was still able to make the most of things.

It wasn’t just the game that recruits were there to see. They came to check out the facilities, see the monstrous Kyle Field, and experience the 12th man in full force. And the fans didn’t disappoint. Over 110,000 crazed Aggies filled the stadium setting not only an SEC attendance record, but also a state Texas record. Yep, Kyle Field housed more fans than the Cowboys or Texans ever have. Recruits took notice too. Below are just a few of the comments made following their visit.

Recruits show A&M love after the visit

photo 10

photo 4

photo 6

photo 11


The Ags didn’t win, but Speedy impressed

photo 2

photo 8

photo 5


Our Aggie commits backing up A&M

photo 7

photo 3

Finally, a list of recruits in attendance.

TE Jordan Davis (4-star recruit)
DE James Lockhart (4-star recruit)
DT Kingsley Keke (3-star recruit)
DT Daylon Mack (5-star recruit)
DB Roney Elam Jr. (4-star recruit)
S Larry Pryor (4-star recruit)
S Justin Dunning (4-star recruit)
K Daniel LaCamera (2-star recruit)
WR Tyrie Cleveland (4-star recruit)* – Committed to A&M on Saturday before the game.

QB JW Ketchum (4-star recruit)
RB Kendall Bussey (4-star recruit) – Nebraska commit
RB Devwah Whaley (4-star recruit)
WR Kirk Merritt (4-star recruit) – 2014 Nike SPARQ Champion
WR Donta Thompson (2-star)
WR Chase Harrell (2-star) – University of Houston commit
OL Patrick Vahe (4-star recruit) – Texas Commit
LB Ricky DeBerry (4-star recruit)
LB Quarte Sapp (4-star recruit) – Drove 900 miles on unofficial visit in hopes to land an offer.
DB Kris Boyd (4-star recruit)
DB Holton Hill (4-star recruit)
DB Kendall Sheffield (5-star recruit)
RB Devin White (4-star recruit)*
DT Kendell Jones Jr (4-star recruit)*
S Eric Monroe (4-star recruit)*
S Deontay Anderson (4-star recruit)*

*Denotes 2016 recruit


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