SEC Power Rankings: Week 7

It’s Mississippi’s world and we’re all just spectators. The Mississippi schools shocked the nation last week with wins over Texas A&M and Alabama. But they weren’t done and followed it up with quite the encore on Saturday. In a matchup of #2 Auburn and #3 Mississippi St, the Bulldogs imposed their will in a lopsided 38-23 victory. Later that evening #3 Ole Miss routed #14 Texas A&M in front of the largest crowd ever to watch an SEC game and to ever watch a football game in the state of Texas. Needless to say, both teams are the real deal and are setting up for the biggest Egg Bowl ever.

Across the nation, the carnage continued as 4 more unbeaten teams fell for the first time (Auburn, TCU, Arizona, Georgia Tech). In only 7 weeks of play there are just 6 teams still unbeaten.

  1. Mississippi St (6-0)
  2. Florida St (6-0)
  3. Ole Miss (6-0)
  4. Baylor (6-0)
  5. Notre Dame (6-0)
  6. Marshall (6-0)

Florida St and Notre Dame play this weekend. The loser will most likely be eliminated from playoff contention as neither team has a strong strength of schedule. Baylor controls its own destiny but looks very beatable after TCU lost in a 61-58 shootout. Marshall won’t be considered due to their conference USA affiliation. And as mentioned above, Ole Miss and Mississippi St are on a collision course for the most anticipated matchup at season’s end. As a result, there is no possible way that the committee will have four undefeated power 5 teams to choose for this year’s playoff. There will be at least one 1-loss team included. But at the rapid rate teams are falling, they could easily be selecting from a slew of 1-loss teams (and maybe even a two loss team).

I can’t wait to see the playoff committee’s first ever top 25 in two weeks. We will finally get an idea of just how much they value strength of schedule, non-conference matchups, and margins of victory. We will also finally get a glimpse into just how strong THEY view the SEC. If it’s anywhere near how the Coaches and AP view the conference, the SEC could have a very good chance to place two teams in this year’s inaugural college football playoff.

Until then, here’s how we believe the SEC teams stack up.



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