Gambling Guide: Edition 4

The lines were set, our picks were made, then Katy Perry had to show up and mess it all up. Not only was she one of the most entertaining guest pickers College Gameday has ever had, but she also managed to predict dang near every single upset of the weekend. Needless to say, I blame her for going 0 for 3 last week.

4th Edition

  1. LSU – The SEC West has still not lost a game outside of division play. Until they do, it is the safest bet. Both Florida and LSU are bad. Really bad. But LSU is bad by SEC West standards while Florida is bad by SEC East standards. This year that difference is worth way more than 1.5 points.
  2. Arkansas – The Razorbacks got a week off after their overtime loss against A&M. They have Bama at home and the fan base is hungry for a win after feeling jilted two weeks ago. Bama on the other hand was on the losing end of a hard fought game against Ole Miss last weekend. Accounting for the physical toll and emotional letdown, it will be hard for Saban to get his team ready for this matchup. Arkansas may not notch their first SEC win on Saturday, but they will for sure be closer than 10.5 points.
  3. Texas A&M – Fun fact: Coach Sumlin is 15-1 with the Aggies when the game starts at 5pm or later. I think we need more night games if you ask me. Furthermore, Sumlin is 5-1 after losing a game. Revenge is a dish best served to a crowd of 106,000 screaming, towel-waving Aggies. Ole Miss will have trouble moving the ball as they have all season. And while the Rebels have a stellar defense, the Aggies are averaging 47.8 points per game. Something has to give. The Rebel defense will make plenty of stops, but their offense isn’t built to score lots of points. First to 30 wins this game and my money has the Ags getting there first.
  4. Georgia – It all starts with Todd Gurley who ……is now suspended indefinitely. This was our #2 confidence. Not anymore.

Good luck and Gig Em!


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