SEC Power Rankings: Week 6

What a week in the SEC. The carnage was very real as A&M fell to Mississippi St, Alabama fell to Ole Miss, and South Carolina fell to lowly Kentucky (looking at you Jonathan).


Now it seems like the South Carolina game is no longer a good barometer for the Aggies. And if the Gamecocks weren’t already out of the hunt, they are now. I don’t think anyone expected them to have 3 losses by the first weekend in October.

The East could effectively be decided this weekend as #13 Georgia plays at #23 Missouri. Missouri is undefeated in SEC play while Georgia somehow has a loss to aforementioned South Carolina. Again, the carnage is very real. Meanwhile the race in the SEC West is far from over. Three teams remain undefeated while Texas A&M and Alabama only have one loss. It seems that LSU and Arkansas are most likely out of the running, but everyone else is still very much in it. This weekend brings another set of highly anticipated matchups.

#2 Auburn at #3 Mississippi St
#3 Ole Miss at #14 Texas A&M
#7 Alabama at Arkansas

The winner of the Auburn/Mississippi St game will control their own destiny to the SEC Championship game. Texas A&M is given a big opportunity to rebound against a red hot Ole Miss team. And we might finally have a good idea just how good Arkansas is as they face the Bama juggernaut.


Top (1-4): Auburn, Mississippi St, Ole Miss, Alabama
Middle (5-9): Texas A&M, Georgia, Missouri, Arkansas, LSU
Bottom (10-14): Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt




5 thoughts on “SEC Power Rankings: Week 6”

  1. State is better than Auburn and if they can get to Marshall they will win (although not by nearly the State-Tamu margin). State wins if they were not coming off a big win. Look for Auburn to escape with a 4 point win.

    Bama is terrible and lacks discipline in the trenches. Marry that problem with Blake Sim’s inexperience he still shows and that is a disaster for this team. Saban is in trouble here, trying to decide between a spread offense and a power run team; neither of these are good options right now. Look for Arky to get a win against an undisciplined Bama team who is no longer playing for the natty.

    Ole Miss is powerful on the defensive side of the ball, but if they cannot stop Tamu’s pass offense they cannot win because Bo cannot nip his mistakes in the bud and Ole Miss cannot score. Tamu runs away with this one in CS in the 4th quarter, winning by 10, setting them up to fail against an inferior Bama team; turning a would be 10-2 season into 9-3.

    LSU has no clue what they are doing. Miles cannot get that young squad on the same page and if the quarterback position wasn’t questionable before, its a disaster now. However, look for LSU to beat a Florida squad that is playing conference USA football. LSU wins by double digits and Gus Malzahn hangs himself if AD Jeremy Foley doesn’t get to him first.

    UGA beats Mizzou.
    Vandy loses to Charleston Southern and abandons its Football program.

    Ole Miss



    1. Dang, you’ve got Arky getting their first conference W in 2 years against Bama. Another bold prediction. I will say this. No way am I betting against them with a 10.5 spread.

      Agree with your assessment on the Aggies game. If the passing game is clicking, the Ags could take the lead early and never look back. Ole Miss is without their starting Safety for the 1st half due to suspension, so that should only help matters for A&M. I’m still worried that the inconsistencies on offense continue this week. We can’t have dropped passes and Kenny Hill needs to be much more on target. If the Aggies knock off Ole Miss this weekend, we are still in great shape this season.

      Wins: LSU, Mizzou, and ULM
      Tossups: Bama and Auburn

      Appreciate the input. Definitely need a tall glass of maroon koolaid right about now.


  2. I don’t like Bo; of course I don’t like Hill either, but Bo throws too many interceptions when he is rattled (vs Hill who throws interceptions from the pocket when he can’t see over the line…which is why I like Allen). We will move Garret around and get him in one on one pass rush situations to chase Bo out of the pocket. We don’t have to touch Bo; just force him out of the pocket. The Ole Miss rushing attack is half of what the Arky and State attacks are (literally, go look at the stats). Furthermore, Bo cannot bootleg like Allen nor can he run through the tackles on a designed QB draw like Dak. I believe our defense can shut down an Ole Miss who cannot threaten the run.

    Now, our offense needs two corrections: Hill needs to take some zip off the ball in the short and dump passes and our receivers need to get more physical. We need to use the first drive to figure our how the refs are going to call the game. If they call offensive and defensive pass interference, perfect, we will run by Ole Miss. If they do not call it, we will have to push off a lot and dare them to call it.

    And I just realized I made another mistake with LSU v Florida: *Will Muschamp hangs himself. Gus Malzahn moves his team into the number 1 spot this week.

    I will be at the game this week. I will be at the Beta Tailgate as well as the Williams one. Let’s make it a point to meet up and grab a beer if you are going.

    Gig ’em,


    1. This. All of it. Offensively we will be fine. Hill needs to settle down a little bit (especially on those short throws, like you mentioned). And if our wide receivers play as physical as they did against South Carolina, we should be able to impose our will. And I see what you’re saying about Allen. He’s probably got the better arm of the two. But in the game time he has gotten, his interception to reception ratio is way too high. Right now he’s forcing things a bit and still learning the offense. It’s the reason Hill won the job this offseason IMO. I truly believe Sumlin will open up the competition this spring again and wouldn’t be surprised if Allen wins the starting spot. You want to be patient with quarterbacks and that’s what they’re doing with Allen.

      Defensively, we match up much better than we did against Miss St. Not having to stack the box with our safeties will allow them to focus on coverage and the perimeter sweep plays. If they keep everything in front of them and don’t give up the big plays, Ole Miss will be hard pressed to score points. I said it before, but I believe the first team to 30 wins this game.

      This weekend, I’m still not sure if I’ll be at the game or not. I’m monitoring Flash Seats today and might make the trip last minute for the right price. I’ll definitely let you know if I make it.


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