SEC Power Rankings: Week 5

Our weekly look at the gauntlet that is the SEC West and the muddled mess that is the SEC East. The West continues its dominance with a 28-0 record against teams not in the SEC West. The only 3 losses this division has is against each other. Meanwhile, the SEC East looks as confusing as ever. Just one week after Missouri suffers an embarrassing loss to Indiana, they go into Columbia and effectively eliminate South Carolina from SEC championship consideration. Now they have the inside track on winning the SEC East for a second straight year. As it stands from in-game competition:

(unranked) Indiana > #24 Missouri > (unranked) South Carolina > #13 Georgia

Like I said, it’s a mess. But back to the SEC West now. Five teams sit with unblemished records but at least two will have their first losses on Saturday. The football gods have looked down upon us and rewarded our patience for surviving September’s cupcakes.

#3 Alabama @ #11 Ole Miss
#6 Texas A&M @ #12 Mississippi St.
#15 LSU @ #5 Auburn.

Obviously, there will be much jockeying for poll position in October as the confusing East and dominant West figure itself out. Until then, here’s what we’ve got.

Top (1-4): Auburn, Texas A&M, Alabama, Ole Miss
Middle (5-9): Mississippi St, Georgia, LSU, Missouri, Arkansas
Bottom (10-14): South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Vanderbilt

Rank PR Daniel’s Picks Record PR Kyle’s Picks Record
1 1 Auburn 4-0 1 Auburn 4-0
2 2 Texas A&M 5-0 2 Texas A&M 5-0
3 3 Alabama 4-0 3 Alabama 4-0
4 4 Ole Miss 4-0 4 Ole Miss 4-0
5 6 Mississippi St 4-0 5 Georgia 3-1
6 5 Georgia 3-1 6 Arkansas 2-2
7 7 LSU 4-1 7 Mississippi St 4-0
8 10 Missouri 4-1 8 LSU 4-1
9 8 Arkansas 3-2 11 Missouri 4-1
10 9 South Carolina 3-2 12 Tennessee 2-2
11 11 Florida 2-1 9 South Carolina 3-2
12 12 Tennessee 2-2 10 Florida 2-1
13 13 Kentucky 3-1 13 Kentucky 3-1
14 14 Vanderbilt 1-4 14 Vanderbilt 1-4

11 thoughts on “SEC Power Rankings: Week 5”

  1. How can you rate Mississippi St below Ole Miss when they have an emphatic win in Baton Rouge, undefeated record, and is only ranked one spot behind Ole Miss in the polls? At the very least they should be in the middle together IMO.

    And this is heretical I know, but is A&M REALLY in the top bracket of SEC right now after their performance against Arky?


  2. For myself, Texas A&M and Alabama are interchangeable, as are Miss St and Ole Miss. But the aforementioned victories against LSU and Arkansas are difficult to compare as our best basis is last season. We all know that this isn’t your typical LSU squad of years past. Same can be said for what Beliema has built at Arkansas.

    Arkansas will get a conference win this season and could possibly have several before all is said and done. If they prove their mettle, the Aggie come-from-behind victory will look better and better.

    As for Kyle’s pick on having Miss St so low? I’ll have to let him respond.


  3. Here is how I see it. Yes A&M definitely deserves to be on the top shelf of the SEC right now because honestly who else is there? The SEC East is a joke, I halfway expect Kentucky to beat South Carolina this weekend just so people ACTUALLY have to have the discussion that Kentucky is in contention for the SEC East. The SEC West IS the top shelf of the SEC right now, excluding Georgia…for now.

    Texas A&M has beaten a less than impressive South Carolina squad and a very impressive and IMO underrated Arkansas team. Mark my words Arkansas will find a way to close games through this season and they will be a very hard team to beat. Hats off to Arky in this last weekends game I honestly believe they deserved to win the game; but that being said, you have to give TONS of credit to a young A&M team for not holding their heads down after being down two touchdowns and staying in the fight. A&M proved that even when they are not playing their best they can come out and still close out games. The Arkansas game could prove to have galvanized an already strong team.

    Now as for Miss St, they won in Death Valley which is no easy task. To me Arkansas and Miss St are interchangeable as are A&M/Alabama and Ole Miss/Georgia. However, Miss St. was getting taken behind the woodshed in the final minutes of the game against LSU thanks to LSU’s freshmen QB Harris. In the words of Les Miles if we had an extra 30 seconds we might have won that game. Had Harris played the entire game I think we would all be singing a different tune about Miss St. So, LSU being their only statement win doesn’t give me a lot of confidence given the LSU team they were playing (the same LSU team that struggled with New Mexico St. **UNTIL Harris came in). We will know a lot more after this weekend when LSU plays Auburn and starts Harris.

    I will agree that Ole Miss hasn’t been tested yet but their defense looks stifling compared to Miss St and their offense (when clicking) is just as good. The game against Memphis I believe was the most telling of their games even though they were slow on offense for most of the game. They again went out and played their game and crushed Memphis in defense and finally got the offense rolling in the 4th. IMO until they are proven otherwise I will keep them high in my polls. We will see what they can do against Alabama. I actually picked Ole Miss to cover Alabama (-9.5) so we shall see.

    Overall, this weekend promises to shed a lot more light on most of the current “top shelf” SEC teams.


    1. Great point on Brandon Harris not playing. He truly is the better quarterback and it potentially cost LSU that loss by taking so long to put him in. If he shocks Auburn next weekend or even takes that game to the very brink, I think it’s safe to say that LSU is in the SEC West mix as well.

      Call your shot Kyle….. Ags face the upcoming schedule the next 3 weeks:

      @ #12 Miss St
      #11 Ole Miss
      @ #3 Bama

      What is the Aggies record after this stretch?


    2. Kentucky will not beat SC this weekend. That is pure fantasy. Missouri had an off game and was looking ahead to SC when they dropped a stinker to Indiana. It happens. No need to overthink that game.

      As for our record the next three games, only game I’m sure we can win is Ole Miss at home. The new Kyle Field really is exponentially tougher for opposing teams to play in than even last year. The noise level is incredible, not that Daniel would know :). I kid I kid.

      This weekend is essentially a pickem, but the Koolaid running through my veins from our win at SC says we go 2-1 the next three games. Alabama might just do play action to Amari Cooper all game every play.


  4. I’m totally kidding by the way, I have numbered darts and a dart board with sections marked off for each team in the SEC. It takes awhile to get my power rankings because I keep hitting the bullseye so many times 😉

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    1. Dart board? That’s genius. And here I was actually trying to figure out SEC East. If Kentucky beats South Carolina like you mentioned, we might as well start using dart boards.


  5. I’m with the eldest badger on this one, I think we win another dog fight in Starkville, we win at home against Ole Miss at both tailgating and football, and Bama is a toss up/shoot out but I think we lose a narrow one at Tuscaloosa.

    3 week prediction 2-1. (Die hard Aggie optimist in me says 3-0)


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