Brisket, Beer, BTHO Arkansas

Hate week. If you’re not ready to beat the ever living hell out of Arkansas, then you need to get your priorities straight. Seriously though, is there anyone worse than an Arkansas fan? I give you exhibit A:


The fact that they think they will be able to keep up with Sumlin’s offense is just laughable. Remember this past summer when Bret Beliema lobbied to stop hurry up offenses? He stormed into the NCAA committee preaching player safety. Bret’s request? An official should stand over the ball in between plays for 10 seconds and allow the defense to substitute. After all, you can’t expect his rather large defensive lineman to keep up with fast paced offenses. I have an idea Brett. How about you actually implement some conditioning in practices? Shoot, it wouldn’t hurt for you to join them every once a while.

And don’t think for one second that Sumlin has forgotten all of this. Kevin Damn Sumlin is going to waltz up to Brett at halftime, say “don’t every try and pull that crap again”, and proceed to unleash the most uptempo offense Arkansas has ever seen.

Game Preview:

The Aggies kick off against Arkansas at 2:30PM C.T. in Jerry World. The game has received the primetime CBS slot.

Arkansas Preview:

Offensively, there is very little to gameplan against the Razorbacks. They have three plays; run up the middle, run slightly to the left, and run slightly to the right. Rinse and repeat. Yes, they have had some success with the occasional play-action pass. But Brandon Allen doesn’t get a great deal of help from his wide receivers who consistently drop passes.

Defensively, the Razorbacks are led by DE Trey Flowers, who had nine tackles, two tackles for loss, a sack and a forced fumble in last week’s win over Northern Illinois. He is definitely a play maker, but he has yet to face off against a pair of offensive tackles as good as Cedric Ogbuehi and Germain Ifedi. If the defensive line is unable to generate a pass rush, it could be a long night as Kenny Hill carves up their defense.

Texas A&M Preview:

At this week’s press conference, Sumlin was asked if they will change up their offense in order to control the clock more. He was clearly not entertained by this notion evidenced by his stare down and response of “why would we do that”? That’s the beauty of A&M’s offense. Every single time they have entered the redzone, they have scored a touchdown (minus kneeling it at the 5 yard line to end the South Carolina game). He knows that his offense can score at will, and he only needs the defense to make a couple stops early. If they can get off the field, Arkansas will have to get away from their game plan and A&M could run away with it.

Which brings me to the defense. Can this 2014 unit make the key 3rd down stops in order to get off the field? The key will be with the front seven. While it remains to be seen whether the linebacker corp is better than last season’s group, we do know that the defensive line is vastly improved. Last season, A&M rotated only 5 lineman in their efforts to slow down the Arkansas rushing attack. This season, they have 11 legitimate plug-and-play guys that they can turn to. Plus, don’t underestimate the presence of A&M’s newly found pass rush. They lead the SEC in sacks, and will continue to spend the afternoon in Arkansas’ backfield.


Jerry World will certainly offer several concession options, but wouldn’t you rather avoid laying money down on Satan’s altar? Instead, head over to Babe’s Chicken and eat some of the best fried-chicken, mashed potatoes, and banana pudding.


Once you’re finished up, head on down to the stadium for some tailgating. But don’t be that guy and show up empty handed. Pick up a 6-pack of Batch 19, a pre-prohibition style beer. The malt flavored lager is easy to drink and perfect for tailgating.

BTHO Arkansas:

The Aggies have so many options offensively, that its honestly not fair to opposing teams. Word recently broke that Speedy Noil will be suited up and ready to play. He is an X-factor that can make big plays in the return game and at receiver. Defensively, the Aggies only need a few stops early. Look for Snyder to apply tons of pressure at the line and dare Beliema to throw the ball. This game might be close at first, but the Aggies will run away with it in the 2nd half just as Auburn did.

Prediction: Ags win 45 – 28


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