Notre Dame Drops Texas Series, Adds A&M


Texas A&M and Notre Dame have agreed to a home and away series 10 years from now. The Aggies will host the Irish in College Station on August 31, 2024. Then on September 27, 2025, the Aggies will return trip to South Bend, Indiana. In a statement from A&M’s Athletic Director, Eric Hyman

When you think of tradition-rich football programs, Texas A&M and Notre Dame are at the top of the list. We are delighted to have them back on the schedule again for the first time since 2001.

Ever since the move to the SEC, A&M has had a rather weak out of conference schedule. Much of that has been due to the scheduling gymnastics that the SEC underwent when it moved from 12 to 14 teams. With so much uncertainty, A&M was limited in scheduling future games in order to provide extra flexibility with their new league affiliation. Well now that the SEC has determined its scheduling format over the next 12 years, A&M has been able to arrange premier out of conference matchups. Here is the rundown to date:

2015 – Arizona St (Houston)
2016 – UCLA
2017 – @ UCLA
2018 – @ Oregon
2019 – Oregon
2024 – Notre Dame
2025 – @ Notre Dame

Oh and a kind of fun anecdote to end on…Notre Dame has dropped 2 of 4 future games vs Texas and has now scheduled a  home and away series with Texas A&M. #WRTS


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