Brisket, Beer, and BTHO SMU

We’re 24 hours away from kick off and I already feel bad for SMU. I mean, think of the children?! This game should broadcast on the Longhorn Network so that nobody will be able to watch the blood bath. And yet, just the opposite is happening. The Aggies have a prime time spot at 2:30pm on both ABC and ESPN2. It’s not just that SMU is bad, but they set the standard for bad. Out of 128 FBS teams, they rank dead last in several major statistical categories.

170.5 Total Yards per Game (Last in FBS)
-8.0 Rushing Yards per Game (Last in FBS)
3.0 Points per Game (Last in FBS)
12 First Downs per Game (Last in FBS)
17.2 Third Down Conversion Percentage (Last in FBS)

I fully expect the Aggie defense to pitch a shutout and will be furious should SMU even cross the 50 yard line. Meanwhile, the A&M offense is telling a slightly different story through 3 games.

595.7 Total Yards per Game (#4 in FBS)
187.3 Rushing Yards per Game (#52 in FBS)
54.3 Points per Game (#4 in FBS)
30.7 First Downs per Game (#3 in FBS)
61.5 Third Down Conversion Percentage (#3 in FBS)

If you are a betting man this game is as good as it gets as the Aggies are only favored by 33 points. And if you’re not a gambler, well it’s never too late to become one.

Preview of the game:

The #6 Aggies kick off at 2:30pm CT at Southern Methodist University on ABC/ESPN2.

Preview of SMU:

The big storyline surrounding SMU involves the departure of head coach June Jones. After just two games this season, he chose to step down leaving defensive coordinator Tom Mason to fill his spot. The main mystery to this game revolves around how this team responds to adversity. They are 0-2 on the season, have lost their head coach, and have been outscored 88-6 in just 8 quarters of play. Perhaps, the team digs deep and develops a new sense of urgency. Maybe they respond better to Tom Mason’s coaching and methods. Whatever the case, they certainly have had their hands full come Saturday.

MattDavisRedshirt freshman quarterback Kolney Cassel claimed the starting job over sophomore Neal Burcham halfway through the UNT game. He went 12/22 for 99 yards and a Hail Mary touchdown as time expired to help the Mustangs avoid another shutout. However, SMU may choose to go in a different direction come Saturday. Former Aggie and JUCO transfer, Matt Davis, could get a chance to square off against his old team. Matt Davis was a highly touted commit in Sumlin’s 2012 recruiting class. With the transition from the old coaching staff to the new one, he is given a great amount of credit for helping to keep the class together. Despite his high level of talent, he later transferred due to backing up Johnny Manziel.

Preview of Texas A&M:

This week should give the Aggies yet another opportunity to develop depth offensively. With Speedy Noil out this week with an injured MCL, Ed Pope will fill his spot on the starting lineup. Ed Pope has been very productive in his first 3 weeks already surpassing all of his receiving stats from last season. He currently has 10 receptions for 167 yards and 2 touchdowns. Look for an even bigger breakout performance this week as he faces a struggling SMU secondary and will see more playing time.

Defensively, the Aggies need to have another outing like they did against Lamar. Any points on the board should be unacceptable and they should have a goal to limit Lamar to less than 150 total yards. Mastrogiovanni was out last week, but he should be back now. Also, Zaycoven Henderson gave us a scare in the Rice game after he went down with a leg injury. The coaches said that he is feeling good and should play on Saturday. In all, Coach Snyder needs to use this game as a platform to jump into SEC play next week. The defensive front seven will have their hands full against Arkansas relentless rushing attack. They would be wise to use this SMU game to fine tune any work that still needs to be done.

Eat Brisket:

Located just north of Dallas, the SMU campus is surrounded by several great eateries. But if you’re looking for great BBQ, look no further than Peggy Sue. They are a little hole in the wall right on the north east corner of campus, and they have built a reputation for their oak-smoked brisket and delicious peach cobbler.

Drink Beer:

Afterwards head to the east side of campus where you can find World of Beer. With over 40 beers on tap and dozens more bottled, even the most seasoned drinker should be able to find a beer they haven’t tried. But for those who haven’t tried it, start off with the Gulden Draak. My apologies if it ruins all other beers for you.


MylesGarrettUnleash the Kraken! Myles Garrett is hungry. Dylan Thompson, Caleb Berry, and Driphus Jackson were his first unsuspecting victims. Now people are starting to notice him. They’re scared. They should be. Myles has racked up 5.5 sacks in his first three games. For those wondering, the SEC all-time record for most sacks by a freshman is 8; set by Jadeveon Clowney nonetheless. Garrett could crush that record in just 4 games played. What’s worse is that SMU doesn’t have a single lineman that can possibly contain him. Keep your eyes glued to #15, because he could make history on Saturday. Ags dominate 66-0.


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