Gambling Guide: Edition 1

It’s week 4 in college football and SEC play is underway! True we’ve had a few conference games already, most notably A&M’s beatdown of South Carolina. But now we dive into the thick of the SEC schedule where the contenders rise up and the pretenders show their true colors. Starting this week and going forward, Maroon Report will bring you the best gambling tips money can buy. And thanks to the help of Jonathan, we can actually assemble some form of confidence level with these sure-fire opinions.

So without further ado, the top picks this week.
1st Edition

  1. Texas A&M – I swear we’re not biased…. Ok, we are. But seriously, bet the farm.  You know how a team might underperform against lower competition *ahem Rice* and the head coach just might be so mad that he has some rather choice words during the halftime interview? Well I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that the football team didn’t have the easiest of practice weeks. Meanwhile SMU just lost their head coach, are 0-2 on the season, and have been outscored 88-6 in those two games. Needless to say, this one could get ugly. How the spread isn’t 50 points is beyond me.
  2. Missouri – Since 2013, Missouri has quietly built a 13-3-1 record against the spread. Vegas continually underestimates them and they continue to be the smart bet. Well don’t bet against them this week as they take on a struggling Big 10 opponent at home.
  3. South Carolina – If Vandy can lose by 30 points to Temple and 38 points to Ole Miss, South Carolina should have no trouble matching those margins. Remember, Spurrier is still pissed about A&M embarrassing them at home. Don’t believe for a second that they will have a letdown game after an emotional win vs Georgia. Not gonna happen. Gamecocks win by 4 touchdowns.
  4. Alabama – This game is a bit trickier than the top 3, but we both still like Bama by more than 2 touchdowns. The game is in Tuscaloosa and Saban knows he might need a marquee win over an East opponent when the playoff committee is picking that 4th team. But if Jeff Driskel gets in a rhythm, this game could be close.
  5. Bonus – Tonight’s prime time matchup features 2013 SEC Champion against the wizard himself. It is also a clashing of Vegas trends as Auburn enters covering 13 straight and Snyder is 12-4 over the past 16 games. Also noteworthy, Kansas State is 21-2 when allowing fewer than 200 rushing yards since 2012 (but 0-5 when allowing more). Auburn on the other hand has rushed for over 200 yards 15 of the last 16 games. That game kicks off at 6:30 CT tonight.

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