Club TW12VE

Sumlin, already an incredible recruiter, is having to sell the A&M program a whole lot less these days. When he arrived in 2012, many still viewed A&M as a cow pasture town in the middle of nowhere filled with a bunch of military guys and some farmers. Now it is the “it” school in the country and a destination spot for the nation’s top recruits. Here are just a few things that A&M has accomplished in that time.

  • A 23-6 record to date.
  • A Heisman trophy winner, Cotton Bowl win over Oklahoma, and top 5 finish in 2012.
  • $740M of donations in 2013 leading to several major renovations.
  • Halfway through a $450M stadium renovation that will increase capacity to over 102k seats when it is completed in 2015.
  • brand new locker room filled with state of the art technology, an awesome hydro-pool, and even a barbershop.

And if that wasn’t enough already, the player’s new lounge is the coup de gras. The newest addition to Aggie Football….Club TW12VE.

photo 3

They’ve got games…

photo 1   photo 4

A movie theater…

photo 7

And of course a place to chill, watch tv, or play video games…

photo 9


A&M runs this state and Coach Sumlin will take all of your recruits.


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