SEC Power Rankings: Week 3

So the new AP Poll was posted yesterday. Perusing the top 10 and seeing A&M land at #6 was pretty awesome. Counting the SEC teams and finding 5 of the top 10 seemed pretty much on point. No argument there. Realizing that all 5 teams were in the SEC West….SWEET MOTHER OF MOSES!

Yes, the SEC is stacked once again. But the SEC West alone puts every other conference to shame. Over the first 3 weeks of play, the SEC West is 19-1. The lone loss was in inter-division play with the top team Auburn beating bottom dweller Arkansas. Typical, right? Well then Arkansas waltzes into Lubbuck and crushes the Raiders to the tune of 49-28. All of a sudden, even lowly Arkansas doesn’t look that easy.

The Aggies have every one of their SEC West opponents still to play. As the AP Poll rankings stand now, the Aggies will play:

Mississippi St.
#10 Ole Miss
#3 Alabama
#5 Auburn
#18 Missouri
#8 LSU

Also, don’t forget that they already beat #9 South Carolina by 24 points in Columbia. Assuming that Arkansas and Mississippi St remain unranked (although both are receiving votes), the Aggies could end up playing six top-25 teams and four top-10 teams.

While there is some difference in rankings, both Daniel and Kyle have the same teams in each grouping.

Top (1-4): Auburn, Texas A&M, LSU, Alabama
Middle (5-9): Missouri, Ole Miss, Georgia, South Carolina, Arkansas
Bottom (10-14): Mississippi St, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Vanderbilt

Final Notes:

  • Auburn has appeared to be the most complete team in the SEC. They travel to Manhattan on Thursday for a big matchup with #20 Kansas State. Should they win this convincingly, they will further cement their stake as the SEC’s top team.
  • There is much to be decided in the race for the top East team. Daniel has relatively unproven Missouri while Kyle lists one loss Georgia. Both Georgia and Missouri have quality wins in Clemson and UCF, respectively. They face off on October 11th in a game that could very well decide who goes to Atlanta. But South Carolina is right back in the thick of it. After losing to A&M in the season opener, they pulled off the upset over Georgia. They have no room for error but currently control their own destiny.
  • Both Mississippi St and Florida check in at #10 and #11 as the lowest ranked teams with unblemished records. However, Mississippi St had trouble putting away UAB in week 2 and Florida required 3 OT’s and favorable officiating to put away Kentucky in Week 3.
Rank PR Daniel’s Picks Record PR Kyle’s Picks Record
1 2 Auburn 2-0 1 Auburn 2-0
2 3 Texas A&M 3-0 2 Texas A&M 3-0
3 4 LSU 3-0 3 Alabama 3-0
4 5 Alabama 3-0 4 LSU 3-0
5 8 Missouri 3-0 5 Georgia 1-1
6 7 Ole Miss 3-0 7 South Carolina 2-1
7 10 South Carolina 2-1 10 Ole Miss 3-0
8 1 Georgia 1-1 8 Missouri 3-0
9 12 Arkansas 2-1 11 Arkansas 2-1
10 11 Mississippi St 3-0 12 Florida 2-0
11 6 Florida 2-0 9 Mississippi St 3-0
12 9 Tennessee 2-1 6 Tennessee 2-1
13 13 Kentucky 2-1 13 Kentucky 2-1
14 14 Vanderbilt 1-2 14 Vanderbilt 1-2

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