SEC Media Days: Manziel Edition

Ags, we are truly lucky to have Coach Sumlin leading this A&M football team. Not only is he calm, collected, and full of confidence, but he maintained his composure during the tumultuous times of Johnny Manziel. Last year, Sumlin and Manziel took the SEC Media days by storm. The place was chomping at the bits to get a piece of Manziel and a soundbite as to why Johnny was dismissed from the Manning Passing Academy. But with Johnny foregoing his final two years of eligibility and getting drafted by the Cleveland Browns, Sumlin entered this year’s SEC Media day’s without college football’s most controversial player. That did not keep the ill-prepared media from constantly asking questions about the main Aggie they knew about.

The open Q&A session kicked off with this gem.

What is it like not coaching Johnny Manziel? Do you miss him? Whoever your quarterback is, how confident are you he’ll be a play‑maker for you?

Sumlin’s response was brilliant and right on point, “Let me get this straight, the question was, what’s it like NOT coaching Johnny Manziel?”

Luckily for this reporter, Sumlin gave him the courtesy of providing a more in depth answer before criticizing his ridiculous question at the end; “In college football every two, three years you’re going to have turnover, and you have to have a plan for that. You wouldn’t be so excited if you hadn’t recruited the Gatorade Player of the Year out of the state of Texas at quarterback and the number one quarterback in the country behind him. With that being said, your first question to me is irrelevant. The second question is, what do you do now? I think we’ve laid the groundwork in recruiting to still be successful.”

After a question about Myles Garrett, the media turned its attention back to a player no longer on Sumlin’s roster. However, this reporter did not get the same courtesy as the first.

Ever since the party photos and whatnot have kind of emerged from Johnny, have you had a chance to visit him?

“Is this SEC Media Days?” Sumlin demanded, “No, seriously, that’s a great question about the Cleveland Browns. Anybody else got something?”


While the rest of the country still associates A&M with Johnny Manziel, Sumlin is clearly ready to forge a new identity for the school. He has a new quarterback to select, an offense to develop around that choice, and no time for questions about Manziel’s party life.

Stay tuned tomorrow as we dive into the few reporters that actually asked questions about current players, Kyle Field’s redevelopment, and Sumlin’s recruiting dominance.


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