Kyle Field Construction Worker Fired for Hanging Bama Flag

The first game at A&M’s newly renovated Kyle Field is a mere 54 days away. And according to school administration, the project is both on time and on budget. While there appears to be no setbacks, the construction crew will now look to replace one of its crane operators. The worker used his access to hang a ‘Bama flag off of the side of the stadium.

photo (3)

It would make the most sense that the construction company, Manhattan-Vaughn, fired the crane operator. However, details are still unclear as to whether A&M encouraged his firing or not. An A&M spokesperson commented on the matter saying,

We are unaware of how the Alabama flag was placed on the Kyle Field jobsite, but it was removed once discovered.

In A&M’s two seasons in the SEC, the matchups between Alabama and A&M have been instant classics. In 2012, A&M shocked the world when Johnny Manziel went into Tuscaloosa and escaped with a 29-24 win. In 2013, Alabama returned to Kyle Field to exact their revenge. However, they did not escape without a scare. Manziel led the Aggies to 3 TD’s in the fourth quarter but fell just shy of victory. The final score read 49-42, and Nick Saban would go on to say that Manziel was the toughest competitor that he had ever faced. While both schools look to replace talent on both sides of the ball, including their starting quarterbacks, A&M/Bama continues to grow into a healthy rivalry.

Just try not to lose your job over it.


3 thoughts on “Kyle Field Construction Worker Fired for Hanging Bama Flag”

  1. He should not of gotten fired as I think this is a pretty good prank; however, we definitely cannot set a precedent that you can put Roll Tides, Hook ’ems, Sic ’ems anywhere and everywhere in the new build.

    Tough call.
    Gig ’em


    1. Someone found the guy’s facebook page and it’s probably a good thing he got fired. Back in March, he posted “This stadium will never be ready for this season. I’m putting iron in backwards and wrong holing everything!!”

      Otherwise, I’m with ya. Good solid prank.


      1. Oh wow, that sounds criminal.
        That is terrifying to think that a rival loyalty can cause someone to purposefully sabotage a project. At the very least that wastes money, but it could possibly be very dangerous. I wonder if the contractor is Lawyered up.


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