A&M Loses Two Offensive Lineman, Depth Issue in Future

Last week the 2014 Aggie football roster was released and there were a couple lineman that were surprisingly missing; Ishmael Wilson and Joas Aguilar. Wilson announced his decision to transfer to Baylor citing a desire to be closer to his ill mother in Dallas. Meanwhile, Aguilar was reportedly having back injuries that were sidelining him for much of his time since arriving in Aggieland. While both lineman had not yet worked their way onto the depth chart, they figured to play a prominent role in the future. Wilson and Aguilar were two of the three offensive lineman that Sumlin recruited in 2013. The final remaining lineman from that recruiting class is JUCO transfer Jeremiah Stuckey who is a sophomore this season with 3 years of eligibility remaining.

Below is a list of the scholarship lineman and when they were recruited by A&M.

2010 Recruiting Class
Senior Cedric Ogbuehi (redshirted)
Senior Jarvis Harrison (redshirted)
Senior Garrett Gramling (redshirted)
Luke Joeckel (NFL)
Jake Matthews (NFL)
Shep Klinke (no longer with team)

2011 Recruiting Class
Senior Ben Compton
Junior Joseph Check (redshirted)
Nathan Gutekunst (no longer with team)
Shayvion Hatten (no longer with team)

2012 Recruiting Class
Junior Mike Matthews
Sophomore Germian Ifedi (redshirted)
Sophomore Kimo Tipoti (redshirted)

2013 Recruiting Class
Sophomore Jeremiah Stuckey (JUCO transfer)
Joas Aguilar (no longer with team)
Ishmael Wilson (no longer with team)

2014 Recruiting Class
Freshman Kealvin Davis (redshirt candidate)
Freshman Koda Martin (redshirt candidate)
Freshman Zach Ledwick (redshirt candidate)
Freshman JJ Gustafson (redshirt candidate)
Junior Jermaine Eluemunor (JUCO transfer and redshirt candidate)
Junior Avery Gennesy (JUCO transfer and redshirt candidate)

There is a glaring drop off of bodies between the 2012 and 2014 recruiting classes. As a result, there could be several young players in the depth chart for the 2015 season. Below is a possible example of how the depth chart could look over the next two seasons.

Depth Chart

A&M could be graduating as many as 8 offensive lineman over the next two seasons. With only 15 scholarship lineman currently on the roster, that leaves plenty of spots to fill. Furthermore, it is possible that the Aggies could fill the two starting spots for 2015 with JUCO transfers entering their final year of eligibility. This would create a very senior laden line in 2015, which could then result in a massive rebuilding year in 2016. The coaching staff needs to get creative in making up for the recent departures of Wilson and Aguilar. This could come in the form of giving one of the freshman some early playing time, redshirting one or both of the JUCO lineman from the 2014 recruiting class (Eluemunor and Gennesy), or recruiting a couple more JUCO lineman in 2015. The Aggies are stacked with Maroon Goons the next two seasons, but Sumlin would be smart to look ahead.


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