Johnny Manziel “Cashin Out”

ImageJohnny Manziel has just signed a 4-year contract for $8.247M with a $4.318M signing bonus. $6.702M of that contract will be guaranteed. Manziel was chosen by the Cleveland Browns with the 22nd pick of the 2014 NFL Draft. By comparison, last year’s #22 pick CB Desmond Trufant signed a 4-year $8.165 M with $6.9M guaranteed and $4.318M signing bonus.

A man that needs no introduction, Johnny Football captured the nation with his free lancing style of play and his Houdini like ways of escaping the clutches of pass rushers. He led A&M into the buzz-saw known as the SEC west and came away with an 11-2 record, a Heisman trophy, and a 41-13 rout of Big 12 champion Oklahoma. But possibly most impressive, Manziel accomplished something most people considered impossible. He helped make A&M cool. Many recruits, players, and analysts have labeled A&M the “it” school in Texas. And while both Sumlin and the move to the SEC played a major role in that, Johnny’s electrifying style of play and envious offseason activities made A&M must watch TV.

After redshirting his freshman year, Manziel won the starting job in 2012. Over the next two seasons, he completed 594 passes for 7,806 yards and 63 touchdowns. He also added 30 rushing touchdowns on 343 attempts and 2,162 yards. Winning the Heisman trophy, Davey O’Brien award, and Manning award are just a few of Johnny Manziel’s honors. He is far and away the most decorated athlete ever to play for A&M.


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