BREAKING: Golden and Claiborne Dismissed from Team

GoldenClaibornMugshotCoach Sumlin has dismissed Isaiah Golden and Darian Claiborne from the A&M football team. Both players were key freshman starters last season and were expected to anchor this year’s defensive squad. Instead they have found themselves on the wrong side of the law yet again, but this time it is on aggravated robbery charges. Consequently, both players are now off the football team.

In a statement from Sumlin,

These two individuals have failed to meet the high expectations and standards that we have for our football players and as representatives of this university. These two players have exhibited a pattern of behavior that we will not tolerate at Texas A&M.

According to The Eagle, Golden and Claiborne were both arrested today on three charges each of aggravated robbery involving a drug deal approximately 2 weeks ago. Their bail held for both individuals is reportedly $120,000. Below is an excerpt of the police report.

Investigation at the scene found that the three victims had entered into an agreement to purchase a quantity of marijuana from the suspects. When the suspects arrived at the apartment to complete the transaction, one of the suspects produced a handgun, pointed it at one of the victims while the other suspect took the money that was present to purchase the marijuana. While this was occurring, one of the victims stood up from the couch and was struck in the face by the suspect with the handgun. The suspects then fled the area on foot and the victims notified the police.

Considering all the circumstances, both players could be facing serious jail time. This was just another instance in a string of reoccurring issues with the two players. In February, Golden was arrested for 2 ounces of marijuana while Claiborne received an arrest for noise violation. Both players were inside a car parked in a handicapped spot at Reveille Ranch Apartments. In addition, Claiborne had already been arrested on possession charges and missed the Chick-Fil-A bowl game due to suspension.


2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Golden and Claiborne Dismissed from Team”

  1. Gotta hate to see this since the probability of these guys getting back on the right path dramatically decreases without the structure football was providing. This is truly a loss to the team and I hope for the best for these guys.



    1. To Sumlin’s credit, this incident occurred during their suspension from the team….without the structure of football. Hopefully, this is just a reoccurring issue with a couple bad eggs and now the team can move forward without any more trouble. Hope the best for Claiborne and Golden, but it’s very possible they could be in jail for some time.


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