A&M Quickly Becoming Quarterback U

Today we begin a 2 part series diving into the quarterback position at A&M. Tune in tomorrow to find out what Kyler Murray’s commitment means to the program and what other quarterbacks the coaching staff may be targeting for 2015.

A&M has recently established a tradition of excellence at the quarterback position. In 2012, A&M saw Ryan Tannehill get drafted #8 to the Miami Dolphins. Just last month, Johnny Manziel became the second Aggie quarterback in a 2 year span to be drafted in the first round. And it doesn’t stop there. The Aggies are stocked with talent and have several former quarterbacks poised to start at other FBS schools.

Credit to @RCB05 for the photo

Just last season, A&M began fall camp with 4 scholarship quarterbacks: Johnny Manziel, Matt Joeckel, Matt Davis, and Kenny Hill. Through a series of transfers and the NFL Draft, A&M could see all four players start at 3 FBS schools and 1 NFL team.

It began with then redshirt freshman Matt Davis transferring to Tyler JUCO. With Heisman winner Johnny Manziel returning for 2013 and A&M pulling in elite recruits like Kenny Hill and Kyle Allen, Davis felt that his playing time would be limited. After a successful 2013 campaign at Tyler JUCO, he has transferred to SMU and figures to win the starting job.

Matt Joeckel surprised Aggies everywhere when he chose to transfer to TCU this past April. He was entering his 5th year with the program and had already graduated from Mays Business School. But with early indications pointing towards Kenny Hill or Kyle Allen getting the starting spot, Joeckel opted for a chance to play. The depth chart at TCU is particularly conducive to his arrival and he is expected to lead the Horned Frogs in 2014.

Kenny Hill is the major wildcard in this list of elite quarterbacks. After getting arrested this past March, he missed several weeks of spring camp. This allowed incoming freshman and early enrollee Kyle Allen to split 1st team reps with Matt Joeckel. And with Joeckel now out of the picture, Kyle Allen finds himself positioned very nicely to win the starting job in 2014. However, it would be foolish to count out Kenny Hill just yet. It was just two years ago that Johnny Manziel was arrested outside of Northgate and was figured to be out of the quarterback race. We all know how that turned out.

Speaking of which, Johnny Manziel is off to finer Cleveland pastures and finds himself locked in a fierce quarterback battle with Bryan Hoyer. Wait….who? This is the same guy who has only started 4 career NFL games but is leading the QB battle in Cleveland “by a substantial margin” according to Browns GM Ray Farmer. Perhaps this talk is just to temper expectations of the Cleveland fanbase. But when fans are already making parody videos, it is safe to assume that they don’t want Manziel to keep the bench warm.

So where does that leave A&M? Tune in tomorrow to find out.


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