Good Bull Edition: Damontre Moore

ImageDefensive end Damontre Moore is entering his 2nd season with the New York Giants. He contributed in his inaugural season with 11 tackles, 1 forced fumble, and 1 blocked punt. However, the bigger impact may have been his work off the field.

For several months now, Moore has been volunteering at The Biondi School at Leake and Watts, a second-chance educational facility in Yonkers. Most of the students that attend are victims of mental, physical and sexual abuse or children with behavioral and severe learning disabilities. But for Moore, it is a chance for him to make the same kind of impact that his parents made on him.

Growing up in Oak Cliff, Texas his mother and father did everything they could to provide and keep a roof over their head. His mother, Detra Johnson, pulled double shifts at a nursing facility. His father, Damon Moore, drove a rig 260 miles a day but always started his work day extra early so that he could be around at night. All of this was to take care of Damontre, Damontre’s grandparents, and Damontre’s great-grandparents.

“I guess that’s where I got it from,” Damontre said. “They gave me more than what was required. They kept me off the street.”

Moore has used his meaningful life experiences to help impact the youth at Biondi School. In his first visit, he talked in length about his arrest for marijuana possession, the supposed character concerns that accompanied that arrest, and his choice to stay out of gangs growing up.

“They need someone saying, ‘I had to decide not to be in a gang.’ It’s an example that is meaningful.”

The children look up to him and scream ‘Tre whenever they hear his car roll into the parking lot. In his most recent visit, he brought the kids brand new Under Armor sneakers; black and silver for the boys and neon rainbow colors for the girls, all paid for by Moore. He was there to reward all of his adopted students who had made the right amount of progress.

Dean of students and athletic director, Joe Ruback, raved about Damontre’s impact.

“It goes a long way with these kids. They’ve been let down their whole life, and thought someone else would let them down again. Damontre doesn’t do that.”


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