SEC Release Future Schedule

A few weeks ago, the SEC voted to keep the current format of the leagues schedule with a 6-1-1 format. This means that each team will play all 6 of their division opponents, 1 permanent cross division opponent, and a rotating cross division opponent. The upside to this format is that it preserves traditional rivalries such as Alabama vs Tennessee and Auburn vs Georgia. The downside is that it will be a decade before the Aggies host Georgia. A&M’s permanent rival from the east is South Carolina and that series begins in 99 days at Columbia, SC.

Yesterday, the SEC released the rest of the schedule from 2014 through 2025. Below is a list of all the opponents from the East that A&M will face as well as the premier non-conference matchups that A&M has already scheduled with schools outside of the SEC.

Texas A&M’s SEC Matchups
2014 vs. Missouri
2015 at Vanderbilt
2016 vs. Tennessee
2017 at Florida
2018 vs. Kentucky
2019 at Georgia
2020 vs. Vanderbilt
2021 at Missouri
2022 vs. Florida
2023 at Tennessee
2024 vs. Georgia
2025 at Kentucky

Premier Non-Conference Matchups
2015 vs. Arizona St. (Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX)
2016 vs. UCLA
2017 at UCLA
2018 at Oregon
2019 vs. Oregon

Both 2016 and 2019 are shaping up as great schedules for Aggie fans.

In 2016, A&M will welcome UCLA to College Station as well as Tennessee from the SEC East. The Aggies will have away games at South Carolina, Alabama, Auburn, and Mississippi St. while hosting LSU and Ole Miss at Kyle Field.

In 2019, A&M will square off against Oregon at Kyle Field in a huge non-conference matchup against two teams with very similar offensive styles. South Carolina, Auburn, Mississippi St. and Alabama will travel to Kyle Field and the Aggies will play away games at Georgia in the SEC East and LSU and Ole Miss from the SEC West.


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