Gavin Stansbury Update

Texas A&M defensive end Gavin Stansbury appeared in court today. He is facing charges of assault where the accuser is saying that Stansbury argued with him at a party, poured beer over his head, and then punched him in the face. According to reports, the victim received 8 stitches and two witnesses identified Gavin Stansbury as the culprit.

ImageThe only problem is that Stansbury claims he wasn’t there. The party was in a dorm room at Rice University and Gavin is saying that he was in League City at the time of the assault with his girlfriend. In a statement from Stansbury’s attorney,

“We’re 100 percent sure that he will be acquitted or the charges will be dismissed. Gavin was not in the area of Rice at all. In our opinion, this is a horrible case of mistaken identity. He’s innocent.”

According to Texas A&M athletic department policy, all student athletes are suspended from their sport following any arrests. Under extenuating circumstances, a suspension can be overruled by the coaching staff. After initially being suspended from the football team, Gavin Stansbury was quickly reinstated the next day. If this is in fact a case of mistaken identity, all charges will be dropped. 


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