ESPN300 Recruiting Prospects

The new ESPN300 rankings released last week and A&M sets up very nicely with their current recruits as well as other major targets.

12. Kendall Sheffield (5-star recruit) – Cornerback
14. Kyler Murray (5-star recruit) – Quarterback
15. Daylon Mack (5-star recruit) – Defensive Tackle
30. Jamal Peters (4-star recruit) – Safety
38. Malik Jefferson (4-star recruit) – Linebacker
45. Christian Kirk (4-star recruit) – Wide Receiver
63. DaMarkus Lodge (4-star recruit) – Wide Receiver
73. Jaylon Lane (4-star recruit) – Cornerback
84. P.J. Mbanasor (4-star recruit) – Cornerback
93. Keenan Walker (4-star recruit) – Offensive Tackle
113. James Lockhart (4-star recruit) – Defensive End
134. Xavier Lewis (4-star recruit) – Cornerback
143. Larry Pryor (4-star recruit) – Safety
146. Kemah Siverand (4-star recruit) – Wide Receiver
149. Kirk Merritt (4-star recruit) – Athlete
165. Ryan Newsome (4-star recruit) – Wide Receiver
186. J.W. Ketchum (4-star recruit) – Athlete
198. Holton Hill (4-star recruit) – Cornerback
199. Trevor Elbert (4-star recruit) – Offensive Tackle
217. Jordan Davis (4-star recruit) – Tight End
222. Roney Elam (4-star recruit) – Cornerback
238. Connor Lanfear (4-star recruit) – Offensive Tackle
263. Rodney Anderson (4-star recruit) – Running Back
277. Jay Bradford (4-star recruit) – Running Back
290. Justin Dunning (4-star recruit) – Safety
297. Connor Dyer (4-star recruit) – Offensive Guard

For those counting, 8 of the Aggies 9 commitments are already in the ESPN300. Furthermore, several targets above are heavy A&M leans. Kendall Sheffield and Kyler Murray are near locks and would give the Aggies 3 players in the top 15, all of which are 5-star recruits. Also, Christian Kirk and Keenan Walker are both Arizona products greatly interested in A&M. After that, there are probably 3 or 4 others in the list that could commit to A&M.

When all is said and done, A&M could be looking at a historic class of 14-16 players in the ESPN300. For comparison sake, the Aggies had 0 ESPN300 commits the recruiting year right before Sumlin arrived (2011). 5 ESPN300 recruits committed to A&M right after he was introduced as head coach (2012). In Sumlin’s first full year of recruiting he brought in 32 recruits with 10 being ranked in the ESPN300 (2013). Finally, this past season was the crème of the crop. He pulled in an elite class of 10 ESPN300 recruits in a class of only 22 players (2014).

Sumlin is not done yet and is tirelessly addressing all the areas of need for A&M with this 2015 class. Look for A&M to have their best class ever in 2015 and possibly win the mythical recruiting national championship.

To view the full list of ESPN 300 recruits for 2015, click here.


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