Q&A with GigEm247

Taylor Hamm and Brian Perroni with GigEm247 held a Q&A session yesterday and fielded all kinds of recruiting questions.

Q: Odds that Allen is starting QB vs Cocks?
A: 33.33%

Q: In regards to CB recruiting, it seems like we are throwing out a lot of offers of late to have no one jumping on board. Are we not pushing hard for commitments because there are so many options? Or are these just elite guys who are taking their time? At the end of the day, do you think we have any trouble getting two of the top 5-6 options?
A: Yes, I firmly believe we are trying to get to spring evals so we can see these kids in person. I know Sheffield is wanted lol..

Q: Do you expect Chigbu to fly up the next rankings? I know you said he’s up there w/ Lodge and Kirk per the staff. Any other rankings that our staff ranks significantly higher than the services?
A: I would think the fact they took Capers-Smith so early and with so many other talented DBs out there says how they feel about him. As for Chigbu, I’m not sure if he’s been seen recently by the folks in charge of Louisiana. I think PJ Mbanasor and Jaylon Lane both likely see big bumps soon.

Q: Taylor, with all the new DBs popping up all over the place and with Lane crystal balled to OU, who are our number 1 realistic targets at corner? What about Safety?
A: I’ve heard A&M likes Holton Hill at safety and I can see why after Sunday. He came in at 6-2 (close to 6-3). I’m still considering Lane a realistic target at corner along with Mbanasor and Hill (if that’s where A&M wants him). Kris Boyd could enter the picture again soon at corner. Henry Black will get a spring evaluation. As you know, A&M has two safeties committed so there’s not a whole lot of wiggle. Jamal Peters is a longshot right now but does have plans to visit this summer. Some of these guys at corner can play both spots so there’s some crossover with the target list. I expect more guys to pop on the radar over the next month or two.

Q: Also, any news on Ivan Robinson?
A: From what I’ve been told Robinson is done.

Q: How hard are we pushing for Jaylon Lane and Mpansabor, excuse spelling? It just seems like we are not pushing that hard due to Hill and Sheffield.
A: A&M wants both of them. Right now both have the same top two of A&M and OU with OU holding the top spot for both. The Aggies feel very good about Sheffield so that’s not a huge concern there but Hill is 50/50 right now with Texas.

Q: If Kyler commits to the Ags, will we still have to worry about MLB, or would he and Kevin shut down that idea?
A: I think it would be foolish for Kevin to shut down an opportunity for his son to make millions.

Q: Do you think James Lockhart will get an offer? He seems to really like College Station.
A: With the lack of DEs in the state, you’d think A&M has to take one or two in the class. I think he probably does eventually get an offer but that’s more of an educated guess than inside info.

Q: Who are you most excited to see next year out of the incoming fish? For me it was Myles hands down but after seeing the snippets of Allen dropping dimes I may have to rethink that choice.
A: There are a bunch of guys. Of course Myles but Nick Harvey, Frank Iheanacho, Josh Walker and Otaro Alaka are guys I could see turning heads from Day 1. My sleepers are DeShawn Washington and Donovan Wilson.

Q: What do you think of Kliff possibly taking snaps at the spring game?
A: I think that’s an awesome idea by Tech. It is great for PR. That’s half the battle these days. If A&M came out and said Sumlin was going to play a series at LB, Aggies would love it.

Q: A&M going to offer a kicker this spring? If we are interested in the Galitz kid that visited a few weeks ago it sounds like he could possibly pick up an offer from OU this weekend. Would hate to get Hedlund’d again.
A: They want/need a kicker in the class. Galitz isn’t the slam dunk that Hedlund was IMO so an offer for him might not come too soon in the eval process. An OU offer could force the Aggies’ hand though.

Q: Any crystal balls you thinking about changing?
A: I changed Jaylon Lane to OU, as Taylor also did, but nothing else major is going on with A&M targets to make me change anything. I have Holton Hill and Damarkus Lodge both to A&M but both are 50/50 at this point IMO.

Q: What’s the status on Deontay Anderson and Hemphill offers? They seem to think the offer is coming shortly from the information I am being told.
A: Anderson is the closest to an offer, I believe. After winning the DB MVP at an absolutely loaded Houston Nike camp, he picked up his first two offers on Monday, coming from Mississippi State and Houston. A&M offers after summer camp, if not before, I think. Hemphill might have to wait a bit as A&M sees what the WR needs for the 2016 class are. A guy like Courtney Lark is probably a better prospect at this point as an outside WR as well.

Q: In regards to CB recruiting, it seems like we are throwing out a lot of offers of late to have no one jumping on board. Are we not pushing hard for commitments because there are so many options? Or are these just elite guys who are taking their time? At the end of the day, do you think we have any trouble getting two of the top 5-6 options?
A: It’s a little bit of both. It’s the same every year this time of the recruiting cycle. There are a bunch of guys who A&M likes a lot but wants to see again during spring evaluations and then decide who to push hard. Also, guys like Holton Hill are in no rush to make a decision. I think Joseph will get two guys he really likes out of that group if you asked me today.

Q: Let’s say Kyler shuts it down for us soon; what other target (prolly WR?) does that most likely solidify for us? What about Jefferson?
A: I think it helps the most with Jefferson. Kyle Allen helps with Christian Kirk and while Murray would likely help with Damarkus Lodge, that wouldn’t be a huge deal for him.

Q: Any news on Brett Wade?
A: Still has a ways to go.

Q: Is Khane Pass a legitimate target for the Ags? Obviously distance isn’t in A&M’s favor, but I’m trying figure out whether it’s a soft offer to see how he looks this spring, is a legit offer from the get go based on talent, or is it somewhere in between with his brother in play.
A: Probably somewhere in between. He’s a good player but is he a take right now? Probably not. The Aggies are doing in Georgia what Bama does in Texas – give out offers knowing that the players are not going to commit on the spot. It makes the player feel wanted and allows the schools to keep evaluating him. I’m not a huge fan of the practice but its part of the recruiting landscape now.

Q: Do you see any attrition on the horizon now that camp is over with?
A: There is always going to be attrition at every program. You look at the roster and depth chart and find the juniors and seniors buried on there and those are usually the prime candidates to either transfer or retire from football.

Q: Will the Gold Tooth assassin Chevis Regal be your fightin Texas Aggie starting MLB? He reminds of the criminals from the movie Longest Yard.
A: I think it will be Mastrogiovanni or Claiborne. Chevis makes the highlights with the big hits but he’s not as consistent as the other two.

Q: I know we are recruiting a handful of guys in AZ, LA, and GA in particular. How many out of state guys do you think we end up getting?
A: Christian Kirk and Michael Chigbu – I have them both CB’d to A&M. Then I would say at least one of the likes of Derrick Dillon, Kirk Merritt, Arthur McGinnis, etc. Then there will likely be a late eval guy like Donovan Wilson from last year. I’d put the O/U at four.

Q: Who do you think are the top targets coming out of the NFTC in Dallas and Houston that may have generated A&M interest because of their performances? E.g., I know there were some guys there that may have timed a lot faster than people thought they were and maybe the will pique the interest of our coaches who weren’t focusing on them earlier.
A: There really weren’t a lot of surprises. I’ve been high on OKC safety Will Sunderland for a while and A&M has shown interest. They may try to get in on him but he’s likely staying in state. Deontay Anderson may be the one guy who pushed up his timeline for a likely offer – he showed he can possibly make the transition from S to rangy CB a la Holton Hill.

Q: Obviously at this point A&M hasn’t been a big TE team to date. Do you see the trend continuing of taking one TE per year? Or will they just make do with what is on campus every year because of the diversity of the O scheme? With Clear graduating, just seems like there won’t be much talent or depth next season unless Davis just exceeds all expectations and stays healthy for the entire season.
A: I think you’ll see A&M take a Jordan Davis/Cam Clear type every year. Remember they have guys who can fill that role if they need to. You’ve seen Ricky Seals-Jones experiment at TE and Koda Martin could be an option there as well.

Q: About how many kids do they want to sign in this class?
A: 22-24

Q: What If Kyle Allen is named the starter, is Kenny on the sideline against USC? If Kenny is named the starter, does Kyle consider a transfer?
A: Kyle will absolutely NOT transfer. That would be absurd. Kenny would have to discuss things with his family and coaches.

Q: One of the major issues we had on defense last year was poor tackling, especially in the back 7. Have you guys seen enough during the spring to have a feel for if this issue has been addressed?
A: Considering we didn’t get to see any scrimmages or spring game this year, and the media only gets the first 10 minutes of access and typically there’s not live action, I’d say this one is pretty tough to answer right now. However, sources have shared there’s been significant progress in that department.

Q: Is there any chance that we will see a greater variety of running plays next year? Of course we’re looking for more, but it seems that you knew what the running play would be based on the RB in the game.
A: I am expecting the running game to be a much bigger emphasis next season and Coach Spavital has stated that as well.

Taylor Hamm and Brian Perroni fielded and answered all the questions. They are both some of the most knowledgeable persons when it comes to A&M recruiting. Follow them on Twitter.

Taylor Hamm: @taylorhamm247
Brian Perroni: @Perroni247


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