WR Ricky Seals-Jones Arrested

Per a KBTX report Ricky Seals-Jones was arrested around 2:30 AM last night. He was charged with disorderly conduct right outside of Northgate. The arresting officer cited language and intent of starting a fight as reasons for the arrest. However, no contact was made by Seals-Jones and one has to wonder if the actions actually warranted an arrest.Image

This brings the total count of offseason arrests to 4 players, all of which were presumed starters next year. On February 23rd Isaiah Golden and Darian Claiborne were arrested after smoking marijuana in a handicapped parking space. Golden was cited with a possession charge while Claiborne escaped with only a noise violation (essentially being to loud while the officer was conducting his investigation). Both Golden and Claiborne were starters on defense during the 2013 season and were expected to be significant pieces to this year’s defense. Just last week, Kenny Hill, was arrested for public intoxication right outside of Northgate. He was in a 3 way QB battle with Matt Joeckel and Kyle Allen, and many expected him to win the starting job. With Ricky Seals-Jones arrested, he too will be suspended indefinitely per A&M Athletics policy. Seals-Jones, a jumbo WR target, was expected to fill in the big shoes of early departed Mike Evans.

This is a troubling trend and one that will have large ramifications for the A&M football team at the start of the 2014 season. If these players clear themselves legally, they will have an opportunity to work themselves back onto the team. However, using history as an indication we can expect that all players will be suspended for at least the first two games including A&M’s huge season opener against South Carolina.

Sam Khan Jr. reported that A&M has not suspended Ricky Seals-Jones. Instead they are looking into the incident. Since this directly goes against department policy, it appears that Ricky Seals-Jones may have been arrested without sufficient reason. In a statement from Ricky’s attorney, he said,

“Ricky Seals-Jones is absolutely fighting these charges. He had nothing to drink and was at home when a friend called him to come to Northgate to give him a ride home. Ricky went to Northgate to help his friend toward the car when someone struck him. When Ricky turned toward him that person cursed him and called Ricky the ‘N’ word. Words were exchanged and Ricky was arrested. The other individual was not arrested.” He goes on to say that “I have personally spoken with an independent witness who confirms these facts. Ricky volunteered to take a breath test since he had not consumed alcohol, but this request was never granted.”

This looks really bad on the arresting officer, especially since the presumed instigator of this fight got away free. The athletic department is standing behind Ricky Seals-Jones despite department policy. The attorney has released a statement that shows a completely different side than the media presumed. It may be only a matter of time until all charges are dropped.

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