Kenny Hill Arrested for Public Intoxication

Kenny Hill was arrested late last night outside north gate around 3 a.m. College Station police found him passed out in a planter full of rocks and plants. As reported by The Eagle, “when asked who the current president of the United States was, Hill reportedly answered “Bush” and told officers his name was “Kennedy,” authorities said.”

Kenny Hill, who is 19 years old, is a true sophomore at Texas A&M and is competing for the vacant quarterback position. Maroon Report predicted earlier this month that he would win the starting job between himself, Matt Joeckel, and Kyle Allen. This arrest could prove detrimental to his efforts though. Sumlin has tightened things up with the recent suspensions of Isaiah Golden and Darian Claiborne regarding their recent arrests.

Although many may point to Johnny Manziel’s arrest two years ago and say that he is still in the running for the starting position, Sumlin may be looking to start someone who isn’t grabbing as many off-field headlines. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but Kyle Allen may have just come one step closer to starting for the 2014 season.

Per Alan Cannon, A&M’s associate director for media relations, “Kenny Hill has been suspended indefinitely per athletic department policy regarding any student athlete who is arrested.”

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