Yesterday, A&M’s men’s basketball team accepted an invite to the CBI tournament. Some think that this is a new low for A&M basketball but we are in good company in the SEC. Only 3 teams made it to the NCAA tournament with Kentucky, Tennessee, and #1 overall Florida. Of the 11 SEC teams that didn’t punch their ticket to the big dance, 10 went to bowl games this past football season. That means no SEC team made both the NCAA tournament and also a bowl game, but 13 of 14 made one or the other. The lone failure to miss both…. Arkansas.

With all the excitement of A&M’s CBI bid, we here at Maroon Report have taken to twitter to comprise all #ThingsBetterThanTheCBI.

Kicking a FG when you need a TD. #ThingsBetterThanTheCBI

AJ McCarron’s Tattoos. #ThingsBetterThanTheCBI

12 empty seats at Kyle. #ThingsBetterThanTheCBI

Coach Fran’s newsletter. #ThingsBetterThanTheCBI

Horsecollar. #ThingsBetterThanTheCBI

Option to the short side of the field. #ThingsBetterThanTheCBI.

Mack Brown’s choices for the safety position. #ThingsBetterThanTheCBI

Mark May’s perspective. #ThingsBetterThanTheCBI

Going for a motorcycle ride with Bobby Petrino. #ThingsBetterThanTheCBI

Manti Teo’s Girlfriend. #ThingsBetterThanTheCBI

Chip Brown’s Sources. #ThingsBetterThanTheCBI

Lache Seastrunk saying he would win the Heisman. #ThingsBetterThanTheCBI

Mike Sherman’s halftime adjustments. #ThingsBetterThanTheCBI

The CBI. #ThingsBetterThanAnotherYearOfBillyKennedy

And finally, for those who are still bitter….

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