Q&A with Taylor Hamm

Taylor Hamm had his open Q&A session yesterday and fielded all Aggie Football related questions. His expertise in Aggie recruiting is unparalleled and you can follow him on twitter @taylorhamm247.

Q: Any update on Mike Mitchell (highly touted LB from the 2013 class leaving Ohio St to be closer to his family in Texas)?
A: No clue what’s going on with Mitchell at the moment. Very bizarre situation. If I hear anything I’ll let you know.

Q: Who are A&M’s top 5 on the Big Board. Not 247’s, but Beaty/Sumlin’s.
A: All subjective. You know the big names. Murray, Sheffield, Jefferson, Kirk and Merritt. They have some top guys on their board committed already.

Q: Out of the 10 Perroni listed in his article yesterday, how many do we sign?
A: As things stand right now, I don’t think A&M will get Weathersby or Dyer. I think they’ll miss out on one of Chigbu or Siverand because there won’t be enough room. Murray, Sheffield, Jefferson, Kirk and Lodge are the ones I’m most confident about. Holton Hill is a tough prediction right now.

Q: Is Kendall Sheffield a lock to the good guys like Miles Garrett last year but just taking his time or is there serious competition for him? With the unanimous crystal balls but him not speaking a whole lot his recruitment seems kinda of like Myles’.
A: Will be more of a dogfight for Sheffield than with Garrett because Kendall wants to play out his recruitment until next January. Gives more teams time to make up ground.

Q: Who are the most impressive high school prospects you’ve ever seen perform in person on offense and defense? Also, who are the best A&M commits you’ve ever seen perform in person while still in high school?
A: Trey Williams is by far the most impressive offensive player I’ve ever seen in person. Amah Dixon would probably be the one I’d choose on defense. I’ve had the privilege of seeing plenty of great performances by A&M commits (even by some that ended up flipping like Bralon Addison) but Johnny Manziel’s performance against SA Madison, Matt Davis his first game back his senior season, Kohl Stewart a few times, Ricky Seals-Jones against St. Pius, Speedy Noil this past year against John Curtis, Rodney Anderson in last year’s season opener (5 TDs) etc. Really, since I got in the industry I’ve been lucky to see some really good A&M pledges in action.

Q: I know we’ve hit on some bigtime DT prospects, especially along the East Coast, Do we get visits from these guys or are offers about as far as we should expect to go with most of them? Also status on visits from Justin Hilliard and Ricky DeBarry? Thanks.
A: We’ve done reports on McLean and Settle within the past week. They both want to visit this summer but we’ll see if that actually happens. These coaches are going to recruit them and their parents hard and hope to get a visit. That’s all I can really expound on right now because that’s how the process works. As for Hilliard and DeBerry, we posted about both late last week as well. Justin is talking frequently with Hagen and will visit at some point this summer or for an official. DeBerry’s father is working on setting a trip to College Station this summer. Both of those guys should be considered “tentative” visitors but as for what they’ve told us recently, that’s their current plans.

Q: Do you expect the secondary to perform better under Terry Joseph than they did under Yates? Joseph seems to bring more energy than Yates ever did.
A: Yes I do. Honestly, many of the players like Joseph a lot more than Yates so far. Just passing a long what I’ve heard. Not a shot at Yates.

Q: Under/Over 600 receiving yards for Speedy in 2014?
A: Over

Q: How does the offer process work? Does the position coach have to give the green light and then Sumlin? Does Sumlin ever push forward with an offer without the position coach’s approval?
A: Position coach or area recruiter brings to the table. Offense/defense coaches review. Sumlin approves or denies. And yes Sumlin has overruled guys before. You’d be surprised how many times coaches change their minds on kids too.

Q: Will we ever hear about Hoza Scott or Derrick Griffin again? Is it possible they could ever end up at A&M?
A: I’ve been told that Derrick Griffin spent one week at Blinn and went home. He is signed through the Fall (he was supposed to play basketball and football), but even the coaches don’t know if he will come back. Regarding Hoza, the Blinn coaches were told he was going to enroll there and play football, but never heard anything from him directly. They’ve heard all they need to hear about Hoza and do not want him on the team. Needless to say, I don’t believe we will ever see either of them in an A&M uniform.

Q: I know it’s way early but who do you expect to redshirt in 2014?
A: Hard to tell because as you pointed out it’s early. Prob guys like Ledwik, Koda Martin, Jarrett Johnson, Kealvin Davis, Jamal Jeffery and maybe Nacho and one of the JUCO tackles.

Q: Do you expect Myles Garret to start against South Carolina?
A: I really do.

Q: When prospects visit campus, does the coaching staff get the current players’ opinions of the visitors?
A: Absolutely. Big part of the process depends on whether or not a player would fit into the locker room dynamic.

Q: Who are the current “starters” on defense thus far in camp?
A: Raven and Matthews at safety. Everett and Harris at corner. Mastro at MIKE. Hilliard and Washington at WILL and SAM respectively. Obioha and Stansbury at DE with a mix at DT.

Q: Haven’t heard a lot of B-Will this spring. Will his role be about what it was last year?
A: I think we’ll hear his name more over the next few weeks. Give it time. I don’t expect his role to change.


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